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Welcome to Phil Hewinson's Web Page
Hi, I'm Phil Hewinson and this is my web page. Here you'll find out about my background, what I'm currently up to and links to all my sites and social networks.

Current Employment

Head of Partnerships
May 2017 - Present

Responsible for building financial products and features in partnership with other companies to fulfil Monzo's vision, as a startup bank, to become the financial hub of people's lives.

My Most Recent Personal Project


Whack-A-Mole Messenger (Game) Bot

Whack-A-Mole is a game built on Facebook's Messenger Platform. Players have to whack moles that appear as fast as they can.

As the game progresses, different coloured moles are unlocked that have special properties. You can also talk to the bot and it replies quite intelligently.

Here are some key metrics to demonstrate its success in the first six weeks after launching:
  • Grew a user-base of 2,000 within 6 weeks of launch (spending only $500 on acquisition)
  • 23% 28-day retention
  • 63% of users came through invites or organically (i.e. non-paid acquisition)
  • A game action (whacking a mole) is performed every 30 seconds 24-hours a day (as of May 2017)
Scan this Messenger Code to Play:

Whack-A-Mole Messenger Code

My Past Projects

Cheapest Pint

Cheapest Pint (Android App)

Cheapest Pint helps you find the cheapest pints of lager nearby.

Whether you're strapped for cash, want a cheap night out or want to stretch the no. of pints you can fit into your budget, this app will help you!

We have prices covering many of the big cities in the UK and more prices are added everyday. Beer enthusiasts can utilise the comprehensive database of UK based pubs to update prices at a click of a button.
Download onto your Android phone:

Cheapest Pint QR Code

MK - Leaderboard

Mario Kart Leaderboard (Android App)

Mario Kart Leaderboard is a social leaderboard that allows you to input the results of a Mario Kart Grand Prix between your friends and calculates a score for each person using Microsoft's patented TrueSkill algorithm. The Android app was built natively and Parse was used for the backend, which is where the TrueSkill algorithm is implemented. I built the Android app and Andy Borrell built the Parse backend. We built this app together during a Facebook company Hackathon.

Note: You can download the Android APK and install the app from your Android phone by clicking this link but bear in mind that it is not a polished finished product. To input scores from you and your friends, you'll need to ensure all your friends give the app permissions by each of them going to this link in their desktop browser and clicking "Play Now".
Download onto your Android phone:

MK Leaderboard QR Code

... or click here on your Android phone

Unity Project - Roll-a-Ball Game (iOS, Android and

I developed a simple Unity game and deployed it to the App Store, Google Play Store and Facebook. Click one of the links below to play it!

Download on Google Play Roll-a-Ball Game
Play on Facebook

I also built out the sample Space Shooter Unity game (supported on Web and Android).

Friend Smash Home Screen
Friend Smash (Android App)

Friend Smash is a fully featured, open source Facebook sample game for Android. The code and tutorial teach developers how to build, grow and cross-promote an Android game that is social by design.

I built Friend Smash soon after joining Facebook as a Partner Engineer. I wrote the code and tutorial and launched it on The goal is not to make a chart-topping game, but rather to teach developers how to use the Facebook SDK for Android to provide easy login, increase engagement and improve organic distribution by building Facebook into an Android app from the ground up.
Download onto your Android phone:

Friend Smash QR Code

Times Table Home Screen
A* Times Table v.2.0 (Android App)

Version 2.0 of my A* Times Table app with Facebook integration. Players can now see their Facebook friends' high scores, brag / envy their friends' scores and celebrate their top scores. Also more polish on v.1 including buttons to toggle the sound and vibrations on / off.

A* Times Table is a fun maths game that will test and improve your times tables. This brain-game is designed for kids but can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. It features a high score table, so you can compete against yourself and against your friends! Also comes with three difficulty levels, sound effects and vibration feedback. If you play it enough, you might become the next Einstein!!!
Download onto your Android phone:

Times Table QR Code

Employment and Educational Background

Strategic Partner Manager, Product Partnerships
May 2016 -> May 2017

Drove adoption and strategic product direction for Facebook's platform products, including Messenger Platform and more nascent, unannounced platforms (lead for Western Europe).
  • Lead for developing the early-stage pilot for Facebook's first physical space for startups in StationF, Paris
  • Worked closely with Burberry on the launch of their Messenger Chat Bot (
  • Led an R&D effort to understand the drivers of native performance. We patented our model and I spoke at Facebook's annual developer conference to share our findings
  • Coordinated and led a developer roundtable between Mark Zuckerberg and the top startup founders in Italy during his visit to Rome in August 2016
Head of Audience Network EMEA
September 2014 -> May 2016

Managed the Audience Network team for Facebook EMEA and helped grow the business from $0 to $1B in 2 years.

What is the Audience Network? It is a product that helps makers of mobile apps make money by serving highly targeted Facebook ads to their audience. Making money in mobile apps is a big problem for app developers and the Audience Network is a great product that is solving that problem. Read more here.
  • Founding member for the Audience Network publisher team, growing the business from zero to $1B in 2 years
  • Built, trained, managed and led a team of Account Managers and Partner Engineers that grew the Audience Network business internationally
  • Led an R&D effort to understand the drivers of native performance. We patented our model and I spoke at Facebook's annual developer conference to share our findings
  • Shaped the Audience Network product through working closely with engineering and soliciting feedback from developers over the 2 ½ years since we started
  • Personally account managed and supported ~40 publishers while building the team
  • Drove collaboration across the wider Audience Network cross-functional global team (product, engineering, global publisher teams, scaled outreach, marketing and operations)
Partner Engineer - Games
September 2012 -> September 2014

I worked closely with Games developers across Europe helping them socialise their games (i.e. integrate into the Facebook platform). This has involved writing software, resolving issues, feeding requirements back to the product team and speaking at developer events. Specifically:
  • I wrote the canonical Facebook sample Android game including source code and tutorial
  • I built technical relationships with the top mobile gaming companies in Europe, including the makers of Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers and Badland
  • I played a key role in migrating all of Facebook`s games globally to a new payment system
  • I have spoken at a no. of events in Tel Aviv, Helsinki and London to audiences of up to 400 people about the Facebook platform for mobile games
  • I closely managed three of Facebook's most important gaming partners, including the makers of Criminal Case and Stormfall
  • I provided input to the product teams to help shape what is being built (e.g. came up with the idea of an "Entertainment" sidebar to the Facebook iPad app and provided input into this product, which has subsequently been built and launched
  • I have also been in charge of Partner Engineering for the Audience Network in EMEA since we first started testing the product in November 2013 and through the Alpha, Beta and then public launch in October 2014.

Technical Account Manager - Android and Mobile
September 2010 -> September 2012

Managed complex technical projects between Google's most strategic partners in the mobile industry and cross-functional teams within Google and assumed all responsibilities of the partner relationship.

Tech Lead for Europe for the Galaxy Nexus launch. Involved testing and communication across multiple operators spanning 10 countries, triaging hundreds of bugs and getting approval on schedule. Led a virtual global team spanning all functional areas within Android, resulting in a successful global launch in London. Also managed the updates for all Nexus devices to all operators in Europe.

Managed the global technical relationship with Vodafone. Enabled users to buy apps and content in Google Play on their Vodafone bills (by integrating Vodafone and Google's billing systems), drove efficiencies in these and other global integrations and launched other products for Vodafone (such as their branded channel within Google Play). Also managed the global Nokia account, the Opera account and launched a variety of search products for Orange, T-Mobile and H3G.

During my time at Google I submitted 80 mobile and social inventions, 15 of which have been filed as patents.

Technical Specialist - Specialist Team Unit, Enterprise Sales
January 2007 -> September 2010

Face-to-face, field-based role driving revenue and deployment of Microsoft's leading-edge products within multi-nationals and large public sector organisations.

Instrumental in winning a no. of key deals (e.g. Microsoft's first UK enterprise online services deal) and a no. of large deals (e.g. a £2m deal at a large Utility company). My responsibilities included leading customer-facing meetings, delivering in-depth technical engagements and developing great relationships with key stakeholders and partners.

I joined Microsoft on the Technical Stream of their highly competitive European Graduate Programme, which involved training in leadership, presentation skills, negotiation and in-depth product and developer training. I've been awarded 27 Microsoft Certifications including the MCPD (Professional Developer) and MCSE (Systems Engineer).

Developer, Founder & CEO
August 2004 -> January 2007

Established Projected Games Ltd to develop and market innovative computer games designed for use with projectors, specifically targeting the youth group market.

Projected Games - Pairs
The company was born out of a vision to equip youth workers with customisable, reusable tools to help them entertain their youth whilst encouraging face-to-face social interaction.

I spent 14 months developing five games (using Java) and a dynamic e-commerce website to market the games that automatically interfaces with PayPal (using DHTML and PHP). I then grew a customer base of 400 by exhibiting at 9 key conferences across the UK and US. I still run the company, so if you are interested in Projected Games, please visit

MA (Cantab) Computer Science
October 2001 -> June 2004
  • 2:1 (Part II - 2004)
  • 1st (Part I - 2003) - Awarded the Carruthers prize for the best First Class performance in Part IB of the Computer Science Tripos in Jesus College.

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